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Tulip Tree Twig with Buds

Tulip Tree Buds

The tulip tree’s “duck’s bill” bud readily identifies this tree during the winter months. For anyone wishing to practice their winter tree identification skills, the leaf scar, formed where the previous year’s leaf was attached, can be an important clue. It is visible in the far right of the image. The twig pictured here came

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Persistent Leaves on Young Beech

Beech & Winter Leaves

Small beech trees and white oaks of any age maintain¬† the previous summer’s leaves well into the winter. They are faded and dry, but their persistence is remarkable. Pictured here is a young beech. If you are not certain that it’s a beech, take a closer look at the buds. The beech buds are long,

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Silver maple buds in january

Silver Maple Buds

Although I enjoy the winter fields and forests, I very much appreciate unexpected spots of color this time of the year. If you have a silver maple growing in your area, you only have to look up to enjoy these large, colorful buds. Not sure if it’s a silver maple? It’s about the only tree

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